Waldecker Land - Incredible nature as enchanting setting

The Waldecker Land for friends of fairy tales

Not only the district Waldeck-Frankenberg, geographically to be equated with the Waldecker country, is a part of the German Fairy Tale Route, but also the towns of Bad Wildungen, Frankenberg and Waldeck.
In Snow White Village Bergfreiheit (12 km from Bad Wildungen with the Friedrichstein castle), one can follow the tracks of the princess and the dwarfs even today. The interesting exhibition mine Bertsch (a former copper mine), the small Mining Authority Museum and the Snow White House point to the origins of the Snow White fairy tale.
Enchanting symbolic figures can be found at the entrances of the ten-tower city hall in the town of Frankenberg (Eder) - the “piggyback figures" - who recount their very own history.
A historical mining town with half-timbered buildings, Waldeck fascinates visitors with Waldeck Castle, enthroned high above the Edersee lake. It is therefore not astonishing that the goblin king Erck is at home here and still watches over the castle today.
But also on an excursion to the “Kingdom of the curious beech trees” in the National Park Kellerwald–Edersee one sees the shadow of the Boggel, this magical mixed being – partly animal, partly plant - flit through the snaggy beech forest.

The Waldecker Land for holiday tourists and day visitors on the German Fairy Tale Route

Dense forests and lakes with crystal clear water – the Waldecker countryside offers ideal holiday and excursion destinations for families and children, for the culturally interested, water sportsman, hikers, bike touring and not least for all who love nature.
The Edersee, the Diemelsee and the Twistesee lakes all offer numerous water sports activities. An excursion to the Baroque castle in Bad Arolsen, a stroll through the ancient half-timbered towns of Korbach and Frankenberg, walking in the groomed spa garden of Bad Wildungen, the largest in Europe, or a visit to the winter sports town Willingen, where the international elite of ski jumping meets – everything is possible!
The two high-quality nature parks Kellerwald-Edersee and Diemelsee and especially in Hesse's one and only national park, Kellerwald-Edersee with the UNESCO World Natural Inheritance, quiet and repose along with recreation in connection with experiencing pure nature is guaranteed. However, the Waldecker Land is also a fairytale landscape for hikers. Well-signposted hiking paths and facilities specialised for hikers are of course available. The hiker has the choice between 25 certified quality hiking paths and 80 “Quality Hosts of Wonderful Walking in Germany”.
The Edersee is also popular with visitors due to its numerous recreational activities for singles and families, for young and old: a visit of the Wildlife Park Edersee and the National Park Centre, a trip to the tree crown path and to the corn labyrinth, a ride on the summer toboggan slide and the Waldecker mountain railway, an excursion to the climbing park Edersee or a ride with a ferry or cruise boat.

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