The route stretches over 600 km from Hanau near Frankfurt in the south to Bremen in the north, meandering through the towns and cities where the Brothers Grimm lived and worked, connecting the places and landscapes of their collected fairy tales into a route of wonders.

The Fairy Tale Route offers culture and history, enchanting medieval towns of half-timbered houses, castles and fortresses, museums and art galleries, concerts and theatres - a charming blend of traditional town life, urban atmosphere and local folklore crafts.

The diverse landscapes and scenes along the Fairy Tale Route are varied but always magical. The countryside includes the German low mountain range with the Kinzig river valley between the Vogelsberg and Spessart, the gentle Schwalm, the densely wooded Knüll, the historically interesting Chattengau area southwest of the art metropolis of Kassel, the idyllic Eichsfeld and the Weser mountain region with its charming river valley. There is the lowland plain in the north with its fertile marshes of the Weser River and its mouth close to the sea near Bremen. This fairytale paradise can also be discovered on foot along numerous enchanting footpaths, or by bicycle. A myriad of regional and national cycle paths run through gentle valleys, in many places through an intact cultural landscape.

The German Fairy Tale Route is certainly worth visiting at any time, since one fair after another is strung along the 600 km like so many pearls on a chain. Fairy tales, sagas, and legends come alive: there are open-air theatres, puppet-show festivals and theatre shows, and special fairytale weeks. In many places the visitors are greeted by genuine fairytale figures; others offer package deals for the young and old to "experience fairy tales". For those eager for a culinary treat, there are fairytale menus, barn festivals, royal banquets and the ever favourite Medieval feasts served in an enchanted atmosphere.

Everything appears to be as in an enchanted tale along the German Fairy Tale Route. And you can come again and again and live happily ever after!