Castles & Palaces

Without castles, palaces and even monasteries, the world of fairy tales and legends would be incomplete – and so would the German Fairy Tale Route.
From Philippsruhe Castle in Hanau to the ruins of Wallenstein near Knüllwald, Plesse Castle near Bovenden, the Seven castles in the Weser mountain region and the Count's Castle Hoya, a wide variety of castles and palaces contribute to the special experience of a journey along the German Fairy Tale Route. Especially many impressive ruins and stately walls from apparently long-ago times can be found in the middle section of the route, between Alsfeld and Bad Karlshafen, in the GrimmHome North Hesse.

Time Travel in Castles & Palaces

Come along out of the here and now and immerse yourself into the world of fairy tales, sagas, and legends!
Stand on top of battlements and towers like Rapunzel and enjoy the view into the world of castles and palaces. Amidst countless myth-enshrouded ruins, lordly buildings, and venerable monasteries, you are at the scene of our stories, in – seemingly – long-ago times. Our travel adventure continues in the other videos – When will your journey along the German Fairy Tale Route begin?